It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. —Voltaire, 1751

Which is right – more or better?

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I made a list of pros and cons the other day.  The pros list was much longer.  Almost twice as long.

But something didn’t feel right.

The cons column contained only two things.  But those two things were huge.  They overshadowed the pros.

So the question now is – which is right, more or better?  Are the cons really cons if there are more pros?

Regardless, if I’m truly at the point where the answer is this much of a struggle, it’s time to move on.

Second (third, fourth, fifth … ) verse, same as the first.

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Trying to make progress in a world full of roadblocks.

My job description:

  • be on a conference call
  • when not on a call, plan a call, accept an invitation to a call, avoid a call by suggesting an email, or run late for a call

“What he’s trying to say is it doesn’t matter what we call it and can we all share a Coke or something.”

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Lately, my decoder ring hasn’t been working.  So some advice I can share (and also willingly take): be pithy folks.  Say what you mean.  Mean what you say.  Don’t be afraid.

Condi joins the KISS Army!

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People Rice Kiss

Holy cow – it’s short!

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Birthday Pirate

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7 years ago today …

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A big orange baby was born. He had blonde fuzzy hair and cried constantly (for 11 months). He was sick, too, for so long. He had intestinal spasms, GERD, chicken pox, croup, and trips in an ambulance. I had to hold him constantly.

Today, that big orange baby is a skinny little fast 7-year old. He’s smart, he’s funny, and he’s cute (perhaps too much so for his own good).

And he’s still my baby.

Happy Birthday, Tater!

Arena football … not so much.

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We went to see the Georgia Force play the New Orleans Voodoo Saturday night. Wow. Can’t believe folks are really into that. It’s probably only about 1/5 as exciting as what we see every Saturday in the fall.

Not that it isn’t physical, I’m sure, but it’s really just an excuse to throw trinkets and trash at people. Between every quarter, every change of possession, hell – every down, they threw something at the audience. T-shirts, foam footballs, stuffed mini-cows. They were hawking free towels, Discover Card t-shirts, Throttle energy drinks. Holy Mary – product placement overload.

And the people. Whoa.


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Sam has stopped talking. If only we could get Leo to follow suit.

Squirrels are like rats with furry tails. I sprayed one with no-stick today. Keeps him off the birdfeeder.

Getting ready for the kids birthdays. They are both having movie parties. In our garage, with a giant projector and our new industrial popcorn popper (Mark’s fab craigslist find). Sam is going to show Star Wars – episode 2, I think – which means most of his friends won’t be able to come because they aren’t allowed to watch it. Not sure he cares.

School is almost over. That means we’re that much closer to St. George.

You only get what you give.

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