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Day 4: "The best day of my life!"

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Legoland. Rides, things, legos. Kids are over the moon. So are we, since they behaved so much better than at the zoo.

Day 3: Eats, Shoots, Leaves

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Spent the day at the San Diego Zoo. It was awesome! Saw orangutans, pandas, reptiles, and all sorts of cool animals and stuff.

Day 2: Three geocaches, a new KISS t-shirt and Benihana!

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Awesome birthday!! Heather and I snagged a sneaky geocache at the Starbucks on our morning walk, then two more along the CRT. She’s hooked and I got a Rocky Horror travel tag!

Got a new KISS t-shirt and celebrated with some KISS songs on the way home from Benihana. Arigato everyone!

Day 1: Midway

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We had a little picnic by the water and spent the afternoon on the aircraft carrier Midway. Very cool! Went to the gift shop afterward and Sam got a little toy aircraft carrier. Leo got a 20oz rootbeer.


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Sam gets in trouble in PE for pulling up his shirt and hollering “take off my pants, ladies!” Ugh.

Leo gets in trouble for throwing gravel at kids in line behind him, even after the teacher told him not to. “But Mama, a little gravel can’t HURT anyone.” Ugh.

Mark and I have both been working ridiculous hours. I didn’t realize that my new job had only two bullets in the job description:

  • be on a conference call
  • when not on a call, plan a call, accept an invitation to a call, avoid a call by suggesting an email, or run late for a call

Both of us are trying to make progress in a world full of roadblocks. Have actually considered quitting to work at Old Navy, at least there you get paid what your duties are worth. Yes, I know I’d spend my entire check at the store. But I could wear chucks every day and avoid talking on the phone.

I am Jedi Creative

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Hockey + Cardboard Box City

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We went to the Gwinnett Gladiators hockey game last night and had a blast! Afterward, we went by the Kroger where the teens from church were having a “Cardboard Box City,” where they draw attention to the plight of the homeless by living in cardboard boxes for 24 hours and collect food. We bought them a few baskets of food, and stayed for 10:30 pm Mass in the parking lot. It was cold and Sam was so tired that Mark had to hold him, but it was a good experience for the boys. Home at midnight, we all slept in (well, kinda).

More random

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I just ROCK at Super Mario Galaxy! I’ve now beaten the octupus-in-the-volcano-spitting-lavarocks er, thing. And, just in case I ever get bored with it, I snagged a great deal of the day on and got Super Paper Mario for just $29. Sweeeet! span style=”font-size:85%;”*super thanks to all who have used the amazon links on this blog to help me get some ch-ch-ch-change.*/spanbr /br /Leo and I went to penance service last night and although I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, I could see Leo and the priest having a good laugh! Over Leo’s sins? YOU figure it out, because I can’ /br /Sam pitched a complete fit about having to go to “boring old church” tonight for Children’s Stations of the Cross, but came home all happy and skippy because his 5th grade crush, Amanda, was one of the readers. What IS it with my children?


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Sick a bit still in the sinuses. Yeah I know, sick in the head. /br /Soccer starts today so we’ll now be out “on the pitch” three times a week. It had better warm up soon. Damn /br /Zeke is fat. Mark and I saw this show where iguanas that got too cold actually fell frozen out of the trees. If they were lucky, when it got warm they just thawed out and went about their business. Business of lazing around I guess. But I imagine it’s pretty hilarious to see iguanas just up and fall out of a tree – frozen like an ice /br /Super Mario Galaxy is very addictive. Just when I think I’ve made major progress and made it to the next level, Leo walks in and says, “oh hey Mama, want me to show you how to beat that galaxy?” br /”No.”br /Shit, now I’m going to be up all night trying just to prove I can do it myself.

It Is Time for a Love Revolution

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