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Biscuit Bandit

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Asst. Principal: Mrs. Swanger, I need to make you aware of an incident this morning at school.

Me: *sigh* ok.

Asst. Principal: We caught Leo stealing.

Me: Leo …huh … what!?!? Leo? Uh, ok. What did he steal?

Asst. Principal: A chicken biscuit.

Thriller 2008

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My niece Sophia’s version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. She’s the head on the top right – crying her eyes out in fear. Perhaps Heather shouldn’t have let her watch it?


Get a job!

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Sam: Mama, can we go out to eat tonight?

Me: No Sam.

Sam: Oooooh, but Maaaaama. Pleeeeease? We haven’t been out to eat in forevvvvvvver.

Me: What do you mean forever? We ate at Cinco on Saturday night.

Sam: But Maaaaaama, I want to go again.

Me: Nope.

Sam: Mama. Seriously. Leo and I really want to go out to eat.

Mama: Ok, then you two seriously need to go get jobs so you can pay for it.

Sam: Ok fine, what jobs are available?

Family fun according to Sam …

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I found this in all the work Sam brought home on the last day of school. What the ___?


Mama works, boys fish

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Reptiles Unite!

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Sam is a comedy writer, too.

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I make the kids write thank you notes for the gifts they get for their birthdays (and if you are a parent, so should you). Here are a few of Sam’s:

Yet another funny one read, “Thanks for the book – I use it in bathroom.”

Playing Pick Up Chicks … at Church

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We went to Saturday night Mass last weekend. Sat as usual in the front row. Behind us sat a family with three teenage girls. Sam noticed them as soon as they walked in, and immediately wanted to be his flirty self. I told him to turn around. As I did, one of the girls mentioned how cute he was. Sam looked at me out of the corner of his eye and said, “Mama, she thinks I am REALLY cute. Her words, not mine.” All I can do is shake my head.

Sam sneaks little flirty smiles at them /br /After Mass, as we are walking out, Sam points and winks at the girls (and makes some funny squirrel/clicking noise while he does it). He then puts his hand up to his head in the universal phone symbol and mouths the words, “call me.” Mark and I both just close our eyes while about 20 people bust up laughing at him.

They all think he is adorable and hilarious.

They don’t live with him.

9 years ago today …

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The 2nd biggest baby in the history of North Fulton Hospital was born. Ok, maybe the third, but he was right up there. He had a massive head of black hair (which all fell out later). He was happy, quiet and Mark and I couldn’t believe how lucky we were! He was named Leo Paul, after his grandfather and some other random guy (long story).

Today, he’s 9. He’s funny, he’s smart and he’s a kick-ass soccer defender. He loves the Dawgs, reading, Sushi Nami and hugging his Mama (but only when no one is looking).

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

4 kids for the weekend …

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Ok, really only three, but Mark counts, too. Especially since they’re all male. Being outnumbered has it’s advantages (like getting to go to the bathroom alone) but it’s mostly not so great (especially when you don’t see humor in bodily functions).

Jack has been great! He slept good, ate good and was generally really happy. Leo and Sam were great helpers (Uncle Mark was the best helper of all though!).