It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. —Voltaire, 1751


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Sick a bit still in the sinuses. Yeah I know, sick in the head. /br /Soccer starts today so we’ll now be out “on the pitch” three times a week. It had better warm up soon. Damn /br /Zeke is fat. Mark and I saw this show where iguanas that got too cold actually fell frozen out of the trees. If they were lucky, when it got warm they just thawed out and went about their business. Business of lazing around I guess. But I imagine it’s pretty hilarious to see iguanas just up and fall out of a tree – frozen like an ice /br /Super Mario Galaxy is very addictive. Just when I think I’ve made major progress and made it to the next level, Leo walks in and says, “oh hey Mama, want me to show you how to beat that galaxy?” br /”No.”br /Shit, now I’m going to be up all night trying just to prove I can do it myself.

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