It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. —Voltaire, 1751


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Sam gets in trouble in PE for pulling up his shirt and hollering “take off my pants, ladies!” Ugh.

Leo gets in trouble for throwing gravel at kids in line behind him, even after the teacher told him not to. “But Mama, a little gravel can’t HURT anyone.” Ugh.

Mark and I have both been working ridiculous hours. I didn’t realize that my new job had only two bullets in the job description:

  • be on a conference call
  • when not on a call, plan a call, accept an invitation to a call, avoid a call by suggesting an email, or run late for a call

Both of us are trying to make progress in a world full of roadblocks. Have actually considered quitting to work at Old Navy, at least there you get paid what your duties are worth. Yes, I know I’d spend my entire check at the store. But I could wear chucks every day and avoid talking on the phone.

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