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Arena football … not so much.

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We went to see the Georgia Force play the New Orleans Voodoo Saturday night. Wow. Can’t believe folks are really into that. It’s probably only about 1/5 as exciting as what we see every Saturday in the fall.

Not that it isn’t physical, I’m sure, but it’s really just an excuse to throw trinkets and trash at people. Between every quarter, every change of possession, hell – every down, they threw something at the audience. T-shirts, foam footballs, stuffed mini-cows. They were hawking free towels, Discover Card t-shirts, Throttle energy drinks. Holy Mary – product placement overload.

And the people. Whoa.

One Comment on “Arena football … not so much.”

  1. 1 Michelle said at 5:43 pm on May 15th, 2008:

    Girl, you’re cracking me up! I absolutely love arena football for all the reasons you don’t love it! And the kids love it too because of all the free stuff!!!! I feel like I’m actually part of the game at the arena football games! Try it again, maybe you’ll feel differently!

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