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Eating clean: an experiment becomes routine

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So I gave up processed foods for Lent.  Well, with the exception of diet Coke and booze (although you can argue that booze doesn’t really count because it doesn’t contain preservatives).  Anyway … I’ve never felt better.  I sleep better, my skin is better.  And it really works well with my OCD (those of you that know me know about the germs issue – this lets me focus on something else, but admittedly it could easily become an issue also.  Hey, at least I don’t hoard).

A coworker turned me on to Jamie Oliver.  If you haven’t already heard of him, please check him out.  He’s amazing.  What he’s trying to do in Huntington, I wish the entire country would do.  My kids are NOT going to like the way their food choices are about to change at home.  Pay particular attention to episode 2 (available on  The part where he makes chicken nuggets to show kids what they are made of is sickening.

I’m still eating clean about 90% of the time (hell yes Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish) and the DH is in on it too.  Ping and Pong can eat up what’s left of their garbage snacks and then SHAZAM!  It’s going to be interesting.

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