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February is sick month

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The last week of January I came down with a cold.  That turned into a sinus infection.  That cleared up only to get a virus.  That turned into bronchitis, that turned into pneumonia.  That turned into sinus infection #2.  I’m on my 3rd set of antibiotics and have taken umpteen days worth of steriods (yes, I have roid rage).  I’m OVER IT.   I’d rather have a broken leg or two less toes or be sick to my stomach.  This head –> chest –> head –> chest –> head stuff is for the birds.

So all three of my boys have gone off to Pensacola for a soccer tournament this weekend – and left me here to my sickness.  Normally, a weekend to myself would be AMAZING!  Filled with SHOPPING!  And a MOVIE!  And jewelry classes!  And OTHER THINGS!  But no, I’m barely able to hoist myself out of bed.

Stuck inside means CRAFTS people.  So stay tuned for Sunday or Monday when I’ll surely have great new creative things to share.  [Right?]

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