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Putting myself first

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So after about 2 years of neglecting most everything but my job, I’m putting myself first.  That’s right.  I know, I know, I’ve said it before.  But this time I *have* to do it – my health requires it.

So this weekend, I spent some time rearranging the craft room.  Such a shame all the stuff that’s sat there just begging to be made over the past two years.  Decided to start easy with scrabble tile pendants.  Forgot how the Diamond Glaze doesn’t wash off, and my hands are covered in it.  I got about 12 of them done:

While they dry, moving on to some wine charms.  Haven’t made any of these since the store up the street asked me for a wholesale order and I had to say no – working 60 hours a week didn’t leave me any time to make them in bulk.  Check out this set of 6 Wine Charms/Drink Markers **Foil Stars** perfect for summer!


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Leo:  There really is this girl in Russia that has ESP.

Me: I wonder if she needs a job.

Me: Sam go out on the back deck and shuck the corn

Leo: Sam, what the HECK where’s the corn?

Sam: I chucked it off the back deck.

Eating clean: an experiment becomes routine

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So I gave up processed foods for Lent.  Well, with the exception of diet Coke and booze (although you can argue that booze doesn’t really count because it doesn’t contain preservatives).  Anyway … I’ve never felt better.  I sleep better, my skin is better.  And it really works well with my OCD (those of you that know me know about the germs issue – this lets me focus on something else, but admittedly it could easily become an issue also.  Hey, at least I don’t hoard).

A coworker turned me on to Jamie Oliver.  If you haven’t already heard of him, please check him out.  He’s amazing.  What he’s trying to do in Huntington, I wish the entire country would do.  My kids are NOT going to like the way their food choices are about to change at home.  Pay particular attention to episode 2 (available on  The part where he makes chicken nuggets to show kids what they are made of is sickening.

I’m still eating clean about 90% of the time (hell yes Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish) and the DH is in on it too.  Ping and Pong can eat up what’s left of their garbage snacks and then SHAZAM!  It’s going to be interesting.

New store – branching out

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I opened a new store for my magnet crafts since some people told me they were buried in with my jewelry.  These things sell like hotcakes on ebay, so giving it a try with etsy.  Check it out:

Smells like money to me! The Food, Inc. movie trailer

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Love the pics of Bush and Rummy and Ashcroft, a not so subliminal message to make you think it’s THEIR fault. sheesh. Not that I’d watch it anyway – most of you know what that 20/20 show did for me and frozen yogurt.


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“Mama, H-E-double-hockey-sticks isn’t always a cuss word. Just when you put the “what the” or the “where the” in front of it.”

“Mama, if you hadn’t of fed me that stuff for dinner, I wouldn’t be so gassy.”


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me: Hello?

Claire: This is Claire, may I speak with Sam?

me: Sure … Sam! Phone!

Sam: Hello? Yes. I know. Me too Claire. I can’t wait to see you either. I love you too, Claire.

hangs up


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“So this is how liberty dies … with thunderous applause.”

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and so ends the American experiment

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Welcome to the People’s Republic of America.