It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. —Voltaire, 1751

ooooh, a bonus!

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Sam: Wanna hear my new song I wrote for the guitar?

Mark: Sure, Sam. *Mark listens to Sam’s new song* That’s really good, Sam. If you become a big star like Springsteen, you’re gonna have to give your Mama backstage passes.

Sam: Papa … if I become as big as Springsteen, I’ll give her passes AND free popcorn!

Sam carries on the humor …

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Sam: Mama, today at Primrose, everyone was picking on ___ and I said, “hey, everyone, just because ___ is unique doesn’t mean you should pick on him.”

Me: How is ___ unique?

Sam: He always has stuff coming out of his nostrils.

Biscuit Bandit

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Asst. Principal: Mrs. Swanger, I need to make you aware of an incident this morning at school.

Me: *sigh* ok.

Asst. Principal: We caught Leo stealing.

Me: Leo …huh … what!?!? Leo? Uh, ok. What did he steal?

Asst. Principal: A chicken biscuit.

Time for some campaignin’

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Thriller 2008

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My niece Sophia’s version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. She’s the head on the top right – crying her eyes out in fear. Perhaps Heather shouldn’t have let her watch it?


Get a job!

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Sam: Mama, can we go out to eat tonight?

Me: No Sam.

Sam: Oooooh, but Maaaaama. Pleeeeease? We haven’t been out to eat in forevvvvvvver.

Me: What do you mean forever? We ate at Cinco on Saturday night.

Sam: But Maaaaaama, I want to go again.

Me: Nope.

Sam: Mama. Seriously. Leo and I really want to go out to eat.

Mama: Ok, then you two seriously need to go get jobs so you can pay for it.

Sam: Ok fine, what jobs are available?

Family fun according to Sam …

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I found this in all the work Sam brought home on the last day of school. What the ___?



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Mama works, boys fish

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Capri Sun Juice Pouch Tote with Canvas Straps

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Mark made a bunch of these last year, and they’ve been taking up space in our office/craft room. My ebay/etsy funds are running a bit low since I just bought the boys some new water shoes and sent some prints to my aunts, so these have got to go! Just posted them on etsy and ebay both./p